Madrid walking tours will let you discover all the secrets of the city. Viajes Iverem proposes to introduce the city of Madrid from different views of history and art. Visit its streets and meet its most illustrious characters as well as those less known but unique and full of interest.

Through our walking tours you can tour the city from its medieval origins, passing through the Habsburg era and culminating with the arrival of a new dynasty; the Bourbons. In our tours, history, art and literature, among others, helps you to travel to the past in a unique way, with different contents and historical accuracy.

Walking private tours that you can enjoy in very special conditions, and to get it, we have a team of professionals, whose research work on the history of Madrid is full of surprises; an experience for lovers of art and history. Archaeologists, historians and art historians will be your guides on the paths of the past that still run through the streets of the city.

Equally, for those who have less time, we have our essential tours, so you do not go without knowing Madrid.

Enjoy the city with our Madrid walking tours!

SMALL GROUPS – From 2 to 5 people!


Medieval Madrid and the Habsburg

Everyday at 10am & 5pm

Retiro Park

Everyday at 10am & 5pm

Muslim Madrid

Everyday at 10am & 5pm

The Royal Palace of Madrid

Everyday at 11am & 4pm

Cervantes in Madrid

Everyday at 11am & 5.30pm

From Ireland to Madrid

Everyday at 10am & 5pm

Madrid in the Spanish Civil War

Everyday at 10am & 5pm

PRIVATE TOURS OPTION – From 1 to 5 people!